Professional Reports

Organization Publication Date
Europe Migration network
Inform on migrants’ movements through the Mediterranean 12 2015
UN News Centre Deputy UN chief presents new report on global migrant trends, highlighting rising numbers for 2015 01 2016
The Netherlands Institute for Social Research
Trust, life satisfaction and opinions on immigration in 15 European countries 01 2016
UNHCR The 2015 Mid-Year Trends report   2015

Turkish confederation of Employer Associations 
The Perspectives, Expectations and Suggestions of the Turkish Business Sector on Syrians in Turkey  12
Hacettepe University                   Migration and Politics Research Center Syrians in Turkey: Social Acceptance and Integration research 12 2014
(International organization of Migration)
World migration Report 2015:
Migrants and Cities: New Partnerships to manage Mobility
Global migation Issues Vol. 5:
Diasporas, Development and Governance
02 2016
 Global Migration Issues Vol 4:
Global and Asian Perspectives on International Migration

Studies and reports:
06 2015

(Migration Policy Institute)
No Way Out? Making Additional Migration Channels Work for Refugees 03 2016
Seeking Safety, Jobs, and More: Afghanistan’s Mixed Flows Test Migration Policies 02 2016
Deferred Action for Unauthorized Immigrant Parents: Analysis of DAPA's Potential Effects on Families and Children 02 2016
The Germany-Turkey Migration Corridor: Refitting Policies for a Transnational Age 02 2016
Emigration from Portugal: Old Wine in New Bottles? 02 2016
Emigration Trends and Policies in China: Movement of the Wealthy and Highly Skilled 02 2016
Reaching a “Fair Deal” on Talent: Emigration, Circulation, and Human Capital in Countries of Origin 02 2016
02 2016
Trends in Unaccompanied Child and Family Migration from Central America
The Changing Face of Emigration: Harnessing the Potential of the New Greek Diaspora 12 2015
Immigrants and WIOA Services: Comparison of Sociodemographic Characteristics of Native- and Foreign-Born Adults in the United States 12 2015
Shortage Amid Surplus: Emigration and Human Capital Development in the Philippines 12 2015
Welcoming Engagement: How Private Sponsorship Can Strengthen Refugee Resettlement in the European Union 12 2015
Stopping the Revolving Door: Reception and Reintegration Services for Central American Deportees 12 2015
( Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers)

We are also human beings” – Survivors of Torture Camps in Sini
International Migration Outlook 2015  
The World Bank
Asymmetric Information about Migrant Earnings and Remittance Flows