The 3rd Ruppin International Conference on
Immigration and Social Integration:

Migration trends over the past quarter century

Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

May 19-20, 2014

Monday, 19th  May
Prof. Shosh Arad, President, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel
MK (member of Knesset) Mr. Shimon Solomon
Mr. Rany Trainin, Deputy Chairperson of the Executive of the Jewish Agency, Israel
Mr. Yehiel Leket, Chairman Zionisim and settlement, Jewish National fund (KKL)
Mrs. Emily Furman, Chairperson of the Public Council. The Institute for Immigration & Social Integration, Ruppin Academic Center.
Dr. Dvora Blum, Director, the Institute for Immigration & Social Integration, Israel
Plenary Speech:
Prof. Katharine Donato, Vanderbilt University, USA
Plenary Panel: Migration trends over the past quarter century
Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, Hebrew University (Israel)


Prof. Howard  Duncan, head of the International Metropolis Project (Canada)
Prof. Gallya Lahav, Stony Brook University ( USA)
Mr. Richard Lewis, Institute for European Studies (Belgium)
Public opinion , social exclusion and integration
Prof. Leah Achdut, Ruppin Academic Center (Israel)
Migration movements
Prof' Amnon Caspi, Ruppin Academic center

Migration and children
Dr. Rita Sever, The Hebrew University (Israel)

Migration and labor market
Ms.  Noa Kaufman , Kav Laoved organization (Israel)

Educational system
Mr. Muhammad Darawshe, Givat Haviva Center (Israel)

Immigrant families
Migration policy and law
Ms. Merav Abrahams, Population and Immigration Authority (Israel)

Language  and Identity
Ms. Michal Avera Samuel, Fidel Association (Israel)

Dinner in honor of Prof. Moshe Semyonov
Cultural  event:  
The  grand  opening  of  the  Israeli  artist  Meir 
Pichhadze's solo exhibition


Tuesday, May 20
Opening remarks:

Ms. Avigail Kormes , Grants Officer, Civil and 
Human Rights, NIF
Plenary Panel: policy implications  related to asylum seekers

Ms. Walpurga Englbrecht , UNHCR representative in Israel

Attorney Daniel Solomon, Population & Immigration Authority (Israel) 

Ms. Yael Ben Yefet, Council member of Tel Aviv Municipality & director of the Democratic Mizrahi Rainbow. (Israel)
Ms. Aliza Olmert, Planning of early childhood quality services for the foreign community in Tel Aviv (Israel).
Ms. Samrawit Solomon, Eritrean Community Women's Center (Israel)
 Migration policies and practices
Advocate Reut Michaeli, Hotline for refugees and Migrant 
Health and migration
Prof. Bracha Rager, Ben-Gurion University (Israel)

Social Determinants of Overweight among Immigrants in Europe, Prof. Paul Dourgnon & Prof. Yasser Moullan (France) The Presentation
Health and Migration: Data from healthy cities profile. Dr. Yael Bar- Zeev, MD, Israel Healthy Cities Network (Israel).
Dr. Anat Jaffe, MD, Constructing a project for improving theaccessibility of health services to the Ethiopian community (Israel)
Social integration of immigrants
Prof. Noah Lewin-Epstein, Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Health system
Dr. Adaya Barkay , Physicians for Human Rights (Israel)

Mental Health Intervention Science for Displaced Populations: Pilot Evaluation of Transdiagnsotic Model, Mrs. Kim Yuval, Mr. Aladin Abuelkhairt & Dr. Amit Bernstein (Israel)
Economic integration and migration
Ms. Michal Tzuk, Ministry of Economic (Israel)

Civic society and migration
The role of migrant organizations in integration processes and poverty reduction, Mr. Joris Wauters, Mrs. Sylvie Van Dam & Dr. hristof Van Mol (Belgium)
Posters session:
by students of the MA program of 
Immigration & Social Integration in Ruppin
Gender and migration
Dr. Aviva Zeltzer Zubida, Jewish Agency For Israel (Israel)

Immigrant Communities and Women's Labor Force Participation, Mrs. Debora P. Birger and Mr. Erez A. Marantz (Israel & USA) - The Presentation
Immigrant communities
Prof. Hilary Silver, Brown University (USA)

Closing panel: Immigration to Israel in historical perspective

Mr. Eric Michaelson, Nefesh B'Nefesh (Israel).

Prof. Moshe Semyonov, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Prof. Kobi Metzer, The Open University of Israel and The Hebrew University (Israel).