Canada - Israel Bilateral Forum

Migration, Rights and Identities in Canada and Israel
Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

May 30, 2010

Opening Session: Defining Migrants: Evolving legal and Political Status
Prof. Rafi Barel, Ruppin

Prof. Kathleen Mahoney, Univ. of Calgary, Canada   - Canada, Academician
Prof. Gerald Gall, Univ. of Alberta, Canada              - Migration to Canada
Dr. Olena Bagno, Univ. of Tel Aviv, Israel                - Israel, Academician
Dr. Na'ama Carmi, Univ. of Haifa, Israel                  - Israel, Academician

2nd Session: The Challenge of Defending Migrant rights: The Situation of NGO's Defending the Rights of migrants in Canada and Israel
Danny Pins, Division Head, Immigrant Integration, JDC, Israel

Joel Moss, Director of HIAS Israel                          - A Comparison of the NGO Migration Sector Experience in Canada and Israel 
Shauna Labman, Univ. of British Colombia, Canada  - Privatizing Protection? The Evolution of Private Sponsorship in Canada
Dr. Tali Kriztman - Amir, Ramat Gan College             - Irael, Academician, NGO
Dr. Shevy Korzen, Hotline for Migrant Workers          - Israel NGO

3rd Session: Migrant Settlement, Diasporas and the Role do Local Ethnic Communities play in Receiving and Settling Migrants into Society
Daniel Ben Natan, President of the Israeli ACS

Mr. Steve Solomon, Director, The Jrusalem Foundation Canada Desk Israel   - Israel NGO
Dr. Nir Cohen, Ruppin, Israel                                                                    - Israel Academician
Dr. Malka Shabtay' Ruppin, Israel
4th Session: Multiple Identities in Canada and Israel: Competing or Complimentary
Prof. Juliaa Mirsky, Univ.of Ben Gurion, Israel

Dr. Jack Jedwab, ACS, Canada                           - Canada, Academician

Prof. Minelle Mahtani, Univ. of Toronto, Canada   - Canada, Academician
Dr. Karin Amit & Shirly Bar-lev, Ruppin, Israel      - Israel, Acadenician

Dr. lilach lev-Ari, Oranim College & Bar Ilan Univ. - Israel, Academician