The 2nd Ruppin International Conference
On Immigration and Integration: 
New Frontiers in Research & Policy making
Ruppin Academic Center, Israel
May 21-23, 2012
Monday, 21st May

Prof. Shosh Arad, President, Ruppin academic Center

Mr. Nahum Itzkovitz, Director General of the Israel Ministry of Social Affairs and Services

Plenary Speech:
Chair :
Prof. Ruth Klinov (Israel)
Prof. Barry Chiswick (USA): Negative and Positive Assimilation, Skill Transferability and Linguistic Distance
Plenary Panel: Global Influence – Influence of the contemporary economic situation on immigration
Prof. Moshe Semyonov (Israel)

Prof. Victor Armony (Canada)
Prof. Sergio DellaPergola (Israel)
Dr. Richard Lewis (Belgium)
Physical and Mental Health

Prof. Bracha Rager (Israel)

Psychiatric care for refugees, Dr. Ido Lurie (Israel)

Health in the job market, Dr. Rita Bichi (Italy)

Immigrant physicians from the FSU: pathways into the health care system. Prof. Judith Shuval (Israel) 

The ringworm children story, The construction of Ethno-medical identity, Aya Bar Oz (Israel)

Language and Identity

Prof. Julia Mirsky (Israel)

Language and identity in Canada, Prof. Donald Cuccioletta,(Canada)
The language of the Jews in Canada, Dr. Jack Jedwab (Canada)
Bilingualism and identity, Dr. Pnina Golan-Cook, Prof. Elite Olshtain, & Keith Goldstein (Israel)
Comparison of cultural integration and identity: the case of Germany Dr. Oshrat Hochman & Dr. Eldad Davidov (Switzerland)
Indices of Social Integration

Prof. Raphael Bar-El (Israel)

General Thoughts about Cohesion Measurement, Prof. Sibylle Heilbrunn ,Dr. Liema Davidovitch & Prof. Lea Achdut (Israel)
Integration index, Blangiardo Gian Carlo & Carrillo Daniela (Italy)
Social integration index, Dr. Lloyd Wong (Canada)
The Ruppin index for Immigrant Integration in Israek , Dr. Karin Amit (Israel)
Deviations and Non-Standard Behavior

Prof. Giora Rahav (Israel)

Murder and responses among Ethiopian immigrants Prof. Edelstein Arnon ( Israel)
Female Victims of Domestic Violence: A Comparison between Immigrants from the FSU in Israel and Israeli-Born Women, Dr. Evgeny Tartakovsky & Sabina Mezhibovsky ( Israel)
Domestic violence among Ethiopian immigrants Dr. Malka Shabtay (Israel)  
The Transition to the Adulthood of the Separated Children: A Case Study in Trento Town,  Dr. Nicoletta Pavesi (Italy)
The Educational System

Mr. Danni Pins, JDC (Israel)

Education and identity in Canada- the role of the classroom, Prof. Gail Benick  (Canada) 
Interplay of American and Israeli Community Life Experiences of Immigrant Parent, Adina   Schwartz (Israel)
Immigrant Parents' interaction with Education Systems, Dr. Rita Sever (Israel)
Culturally Sensitive Therapeutic Work with Children at Risk from the Foreign Community in Tel-Aviv, Ms. Tamar Swartz (Israel)
The Labor Market

Dr. Nadine Baudot-Trachtenberg (Israel)

Labor Migrant Recruitment Practices in Israel, Prof. Rebeca Raijman & Dr   Nonna Kushnirovich (Israel)
Motivation to lead among immigrants in the high-tech industry Dr. Karin Amit & Dr. Shirly Bar Lev ( Israel)
Money is not Enough - Can Wealth Explain Differences in Subjective Well-being of immigrants and Natives? Dr. Oshrat Hochman & Nora Skopek (Germany)
Inequality in the EU Job Market, Dr. Selma Muhič Dizdarevič (Czech Republic)

Opening Evening: The Jewish Agency for Israel- over 80 Years of Aliyah & Social Integration. Honored guest, Mr. Natan Sharansky, Chair of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel.      
Tuesday, May 22 
Plenary speech

Prof. Moshe Semyonov (Israel)

Prof. Marta Tienda (USA), Child migration- Challenges of integration and potential developments 
Round table on migration policy and law
Emily Furman (Israel), Chair of the Public Council of the Institute for Immigration and Social Integration

Ruth Sinai, Social commentator 

Prof. Marta Tienda, Princeton University (USA)
Mr. William Tall, present  Representative UNCHR
Attorney Daniel Solomon, Population & Immigration Authority (Israel)
Attorney Yonatan Berman, Migrants Rights Clinic at the Academic Center of Law and Business (CLB) in Ramat Gan (Israel)
Mr. Oded Diner, Amnesty Israel (Israel)
Ms. Dana Weiler-Polak, Welfare and interior affairs correspondent, Haaretz 
Law and Immigrants’ Rights

Chair :
Adv. Dr. Yuval Livnat (Israel)

Providing Legal Assistance to Israel's Ethiopian Community, Fighting Discrimination and inequality, Atty. Itzik Dessie (Israel)
Social rights for labor immigrants, Dr. Nonna Kushnirovich & Dr. Dani Filc (Israel)
The Role of a Governmental Ombudsman in charge of Foreign Workers Rights at Work, Adv. iris Maayan (Israel)
Civil Society and Immigration

Dr. Dvora Blum (Israel)

Political participation in integration of immigrants Prof. Myer Siemiatycki  (Canada)
The Chinese Diaspora and the Transformation of Voluntary Associations in Medan, Indonesia,  Wang Yui Kelvin KO (Germany)
Immigrant organizations in Canada, Sinela Jurkova (Canada)
Religious organizations in Canada Prof. Paul Bramadat (Canada)
Geographical Aspects of Immigration

Prof. Yitzhak Haberfeld (Israel)

Socioeconomic integration in the geographic space Dr. Tal Modai & Pnina Plaut (Israel)
Immigration and geographic location, Dr. Anya Glikman & Prof. Moshe Semyonov (Israel)
Circular immigration Prof. Karmen Medica (Slovenia)

Immigrating Home: Spatial and Cultural Effects of Lifestyle Migration, Hila Zaban (Israel)
Immigration Policy in Various Countries

Dr. Ze’ev Hanin, Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (Israel)

Immigration policy in Israel Dr. Zvi M. Libman (Israel)
Immigration policy in the EU Dr. Moritz Jesse (Netherlands)
The privatization of immigration in Israel Ilana Shpaizman (Israel)
Public Attitudes toward Immigrants

MK Dr. Marina Solodkin (Israel)

Attitudes toward immigrants, Prof. Lea Achdut & Dr. Karin Amit, (Israel)
Attitudes toward immigrants –Dr. Anastasia Gorodzeisky ( Israel)
Attitudes toward immigrants –Prof. John Kincaid, (USA)
Globalization and attitudes toward immigrants, Dr. Gal Ariely (Israel)

Demographics and Family


 Mr. Neil Gillman, Jewish Agency for Israel
Demographic characteristics Dr. Francesco Marcaletti, Veronica Riniolo  (Italy)
Marriage and immigration in the Philippines Cherry Joy G. Veniles (Philippines) 
Lactation Dr. Efrat Neter, Ira Mezivovsky & Bat Chen Shabtay (Israel)
Migrant One–Parent Families in Germany:  gendered strategies of  individuation and coping in a  welfare state context Dr. Lydia Potts & Dr. Dorothea Krüger (Germany)
Evening of the Canada Israel Forum 
Dr. Jack Jedwab (Canada)  
Opening Greeting:
 H. E. Mr. Paul Hunt, Ambassador of Canada to Israel

Plenary Speech:
Mr. Graham Fraser, Commissioner of Officiall Languages, Canada 
Cultural event:  
African-Israeli Stage performing: 'The Lion and the Jewel' written by Wole Soyinka, Nobel Prize laureate in Literature
Wednesday, May 23
Morning Opening:
Rachel Liel, Executive Director, The New Israel Fund’s in Israel
Voices from the Field: Round Table on Social Integration of Refugees in Israel  
Dr. Moshe Sharir

Shachar Shoham, Physicians for Human Rights
Attorney Reut Michaeli, Executive Director  Hotline for Migrant Workers
Orit Rubin, Psycho-Social Coordinator A.S.S.A.F - Aid Organization for Refugees & Asylum Seekers
Oscar Olivier, Refugee from Congo and a volunteer
Integration of Cultures


Yosef Joel Moss, Director, HIAS Israel
Integration of Bnei Menashe Ram Thein (Israel)
The role of Fidel, Ms. Michal Avera Samuel  (Israel)
Comparison between integration of Ethiopian immigrants and African refugees Dr. Lisa Anteby-Yemini  (France)

Screening of the Canadian documentary film "Never Come Back” A Year in the life of the Roma (“Gypsy” people) in Canada. 
Closing Session 
 Tour to Caesarea + Early dinner (by invitation)