Terms of use of internet site of Rupin Academic Center

1 Use of the site

Before using the internet site (site address:www.ruppin-migrationet.co.il) (from herein : "the site"), you are required to read the following conditions:
Upon entering the web-site, you are agreeing to conditions of the site, without exceptions.

1.1 .The Ruppin Academic Center (from herein: "The Academic Center") reserves the rights to change or update terms of conditions of use of the site at any time and at its own discretion. Any change of conditions will require you to comply immediately. As such, you are required upon every entry to the site to examine updated terms and conditions of use.

1.2 The site and information presented there are for your perusal as they appear, without any commitment from the Academic Center regarding its content.

1.3 As much as the Academic Center can , the site should function without interference or undue problems, however the Academic Center cannot assure that technical issues will be repaired immediately or that the hosting server is clean of viruses or any other problem not under our control

1.4 As long as the site is connected to other web-sites which are not run by the Academic Center, the Academic Center is not responsible for contentdisplayed, and is in no way to be seen as endorsing content and/or the sites displayed.

2 Limits of liability

2.1 Information displayed on the site is kept up to date as much as possible, but there is a possibility of errors. The Academic Center does not claim responsibility for the level of accuracy of the content. The Academic Center will not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage caused by use of the site including if the Academic Center or any user has received a message that damage may be caused.

2.2 The Academic Center uses accepted currentnetwork security programs to protect the site. However, there exists possibility of intrusion into the Academic Center's database: To clarify: as long as the Academic Center uses acceptable security precautions, it will not be responsible for damage caused by hacking and as a result 3rd party information that reaches the user.

2.3 .As such, The Academic Center will not be responsible for damage caused to peripheral equipment in your use and/or software installed in it, including viruses causing damage to hardware and/or software, as a result of visiting the web-site, from use or as a result of downloading of files, information or details. Responsibility for protection from viruses is placed on the user independently.

3 Limitations on use of the web-site and information presented on it

3.1 Entrance into the site is at your initiative and you are expected to adhere to rules of law concerning this.

3.2 All rights to the site and its content are exclusively the property of the Academic Center. It is forbidden to copy, partially copy, quote, use for advertising, display, present or distribute in any way, any detail or information or content displayed on the site, without detailed agreement, up frontand in writing, from the Academic Center.

3.3 .Permission to use information displayed on the site is limited for your use only, and under condition that you act according to all the relevant instructions regarding IP rights. No distribution, changing, broadcasting, reprinting, presenting, use of information, for public or commercial use, by use of copies, pictures and files, can be used without agreement, up front and in writing, from the Academic Center.

4 Information (IP) rights

4.1 Information that will be presented by the Academic Center via the site, other than your personal details or information about you, will be considered as non-exclusive and not subject to IP rights. Such information will be available to the Academic Center and can be used for any purpose, reproduction, transmission, advertising, presentation on the Site and with this contact with you regarding suggestions etc.

4.2 The Academic Center will be permitted to use any suggestion, idea, concept or operational system or implementation system that reaches the Academic Center via the site, or any other method, and will be able to use it in any way with all legal rights.

5 IP rights and commercial symbols

5.1 All IP rights andcommercial symbols, symbols and concepts appearing on the site are the intellectual property of the Academic Center. According to this you are not permitted and/or have no rights to use words, symbols etc. unless you are permitted up front and in writing by the Academic Center.

5.2 Pictures displayed on the site are property of the Academic Center, and has permission to use these on the site. These pictures cannot be used by you or anyone appointed by you, unless you are permitted up front and in writing by the academic Center.

5.3 In clarification, any use which is not by the Academic Center, of intellectual property or commercial symbols, images or pictures appearing on the site, is liable or will be considered liable to misuse of IP rights and commercial symbols and/or all law.

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