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New Articles - 2016

Year Months Pages Vol. Journal / Book Article Author/s
2016 01     Research Report, Tel Aviv University Research Report: The Developmental Conditions of "The Children's Warehouses" Yael Mayer, Michelle Slone
2015   14-19 52(3) Israel Journal of Psychiatry Identifcation of Emotional Distress Among Asylum Seekers and Migrant Workers by Primary Care Physicians: A Brief Report Michal Dick,  Shmuel Fennig, and Ido Lurie
2016 12   First online Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health The Association Between Postnatal Depression, Acculturation and Mother–Infant Bond Among Eritrean Asylum Seekers in Israel Ora Nakash , Maayan Nagar, Ido Lurie
2016   236-247 22(1) Israel Affairs Identity of immigrants – between majority perceptions and self-definition  Sibylle Heilbrunn, Anastasia Gorodzeisky & Anya Glikman
2016 Summer 50-76 21(2) Israel Studies “Marginal Immigrants”: Jewish-Argentine Immigration to the State of Israel, 1948–1967 Sebastian Klor
2015 Dec 166-184   Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Finance Entrepreneurial finance of minority and migrant groups in Israel Sibylle Heilbrunn and Nonna Kushnirovich
2015   09-27 3(3) Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review (EBER) Economic Integration of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Nonna Kushnirovich
2016 March   OnlineFirst Critical Sociology Biopolitics and the ‘Complementary Heterogeneity’ of Migratory Flows in Italy Gabriele Tomei
2016 08 Mar 2016   Published online Mediterranean Politics Crisis or Zemblanity? Viewing the ‘Migration Crisis’ through a Greek Lens Yannis Christodouloua, Evie Papadaa, Anna Papoutsia & Antonis Vradisa
2016   129-140 35 (2) Leisure Studies The production of spaces of the ‘good life’ – the case of lifestyle migrants in Spain Stefan Kordel
2016 18 Feb 2016   Published online Mediterranean Politics Crisis, Routine, Consolidation: The Politics of the Mediterranean Migration Crisis Julien Jeandesboza & Polly Pallister-Wilkins
2016 15 Feb 2016   Published online Mediterranean Politics Deaths, Interventions, Humanitarianism and Human Rights in the Mediterranean ‘Migration Crisis’ Nina Perkowski
2016 February   Early View International Migration Review Are Inter-Minority Contacts Guided by the Same Mechanisms as Minority–Majority Contacts? A Comparative Study of Two Types of Inter-Ethnic Ties in the Netherlands Judith Koops, Borja Martinovic and Jeroen Weesie
2016 February   online Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Europe's failed ‘fight’ against irregular migration: ethnographic notes on a counterproductive industry Ruben Andersson