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 International Network on Immigration and Social Integration (INISI)

The International Network on Immigration operates within the Institute for Immigration and Social Integration at Ruppin Academic Center, Israel and Managed by Dr. Karin Amit, a senior member in the the Institute and a senior Scholar at the Ruppin Academic Center.

In keeping with our commitment to migration research and learning, and as a leader in this field in the Israeli academic sphere, the Institute for Immigration and Social Integration at the Ruppin Academic Center has established a web-based network on migration for academic scholars, practitioners, and other migration professionals.
By joining the International Network on Immigration and Social Integration, you will enjoy access to valuable research and network-building on migration and social integration issues. The Network provides updated information related to professional events, calls for papers and research proposals, new publications in the field, and access to relevant links. The Network’s goal is to stimulate interest in migration research and provide for greater interaction between academia and practitioners.